The Forex Trading Coach Confirms Importance of Their Forum Site

The Forex Trading Coach is an international training company and confirmed in an exclusive interview with Metro Cities Media that the importance of their forum site as one of the contributing reasons for their student’s success.

The Forex Trading Coach have successfully developed their own trading strategy that is well documented to has worked well for the founder and students since 2009. One of the core reasons for their student’s success is the importance placed on the forum site they have for students, where daily chart trade suggestions that are posted on the membership site daily can ben discussed. 

Mr Andrew Mitchem, founder of The Forex Trading Coach, said this when interviewed by Metro Cities Media, “The value the forum site brings to our students cannot be underestimated, as it provides an amazing community of  like-minded people, all trading the exact same strategy. Students new to forex trading have the opportunity in the forum to view comments by experienced traders and the sharing of thoughts is a significant advantage to all.”

It doesn’t matter where students live in the world, all can communicate in the forum with questions or thoughts they may have on the recommended trades. They can also view earlier discussion in threads; this means that they don’t need to be at their computer at the time the discussion is occurring. It provides them with an amazing resource and community of fellow traders and like-minded people, all trading the exact same strategy.

Features of the forum include a real time chat box, also a thread dedicated for each time frame chart that we trade. For example, there are threads for H2 charts (2-hour chart trades), H4, H6, H8, H12 etc. This means that when a trade is talked about, it gets posted as a screenshot in that particular thread. It means that students can view the setup and as well as view the result of the trade once it has completed. The founder and team members, as well as a large number of students, regularly post trades on these threads when trades are made. 

The forum also has threads dedicated to different geographical regions, for instance, a US thread, so anyone from the US can chat with other US based traders who are part of the community. This has led to several times, people meeting up in person.

“Trading can be a lonely and confusing business. The forum site helps to bring together students from all over the world, with the aim of all helping each other. 
Having many sets of eyes looking at the charts and posting suitable trade setups in real time is enormously beneficial to all our students”  said Andrew Mitchem

The coached strategy has not changed since “The Forex Trading Coach” was founded. Students get reassuring comfort knowing that the strategy has stood the test of time, through all sorts of market conditions over the past 14 years and it continues to work just as well in 2023.

16 years ago, Mr Andrew Mitchem, founder of The Forex Trading Coach, developed his own trading strategy after 4 years of going around in circles trying all sorts of promoted trading methods. These ranged from automated software to create trading robots through to technical analysis overlaying news flows. He had tried everything, read everything, bought everything and in the end, discovered nothing consistently worked.

“I could see the massive upside of being a successful trader. I just needed to work out how to be consistently profitable without the large losses along the way. I needed to stop the emotional roller coaster that goes with that and never gave up the vision of developing an evergreen system of profitable trading calls. Today, students have reaped the benefit of this for well over 14 years now,” said Andrew Mitchem

Metro Cities Media was advised that in developing the system, the founder took off all of the indicators from his charts and started to look at the candles. He worked out that a certain few candle had a high probability of making the market change direction. But that alone was not enough, so he started to look at the price where these candles and changes in direction happened and realised how the price often reacts to levels that some call Round Numbers. These are price levels ending in 50 or 00, such as 0.6500 and 0.6550.

The founders further study showed that by adding a couple of additional items, that one could soon accurately predict when the price was going to either reverse in direction or continue in the direction of the main trend. The next step was to develop a method of entering the trades and to have a safe level for the protective stop loss and a level to place the profit target that had a high probability of being hit. Money management and low risk per trade, along with high reward:risk trades is the outcome of the way The Forex Trading Coach teach to enter and exit the markets being traded.

“At The Forex Trading Coach, we have not only a proven trading strategy, but our strategy that also works on non-Forex markets such as the commodities, cryptos, indices and metals. We also encourage a very low risk approach per trade, ensuring low drawdowns, and our trading approach ensures that when you have a profitable trade, that trade makes 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 or even a 5:1 reward:risk” said Andrew Mitchem

About The Forex Trading Coach

The Forex Trading Coach is founded by current principal Andrew Mitchem who is a passionate and experienced Forex Trader. The coaching program can be taken via private coaching or online training. In the United States and Canada one on one training at student’s premises is available. The Forex Trading Coach is helping people create personal and financial freedom through their proven trading strategies in the Forex markets.

To learn more about The Forex Trading Coach, visit their website here:

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