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The New Generation Of Pharmacy…

Virtual Pharmacy Made Easy!

In 2022 you can meet with your pharmacist from the comfort of your home, easily on any device.

MyEasyDose can help Ontario residents refill valid prescriptions, conduct a MedsCheck, provide consultations & more.

All this for what you pay already. They also accept most insurance plans.

Delivered to you anywhere in Ontario, Canada.

MyEasyDose – A licensed online / virtual pharmacy. They operate at the highest standards using HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant technologies for all virtual sessions and are Legitscript Certified.

Nothing Changes

Everything is the same as it is with your current pharmacy, just virtual. Pharmacy made easy!

Talk to a licensed pharmacist using an easy, secure over the internet video technology. Even get your primary care physician or other family members involved. They have you covered!


MyEasyDose offer virtual medication reviews. Their team will go over the prescription drugs and supplements you are currently taking to make sure everything is optimized and suitable for you.

MED Packs

They can sort your medication and supplements in pouch packaging by date and time, so you never forget to take your meds. Each MED Pack is clearly printed on and sealed.

Their prescription refills process is fast and easy and the service is similar to your current pharmacy, only at MyEasyDose you talk to your pharmacist in a secure virtual environment.

Skip the Line

Stay home and relax! We deliver everything you need direct to your door

Easy Delivery Options

We can fulfill / deliver medication requests to any address in Ontario. In most cases, delivery is free. Our team will discuss all delivery options with you in your consultation.

Health Coaching

Having issues with quitting smoking, losing weight or managing diabetes? Their wellness team can discuss a variety of health concerns and set you up on a program to monitor your goals.


We can prepare a specialized formulation of medication to fit special prescription needs for a unique situation or some doctors may prescribe something for a patient that is not readily available.

For more information or to book an appointment with a member of the pharmacy team, visit their website here:

Pharmacy News

MyEasyDose Virtual Pharmacy Offers Stress-Relieving Services For Patients & Caregivers

MyEasyDose has a dedicated team of pharmacy professionals who provide patients with excellent customer service and assist you to achieve your wellness goals. Their easy-to-use website gives you access to a true virtual pharmacy that is designed to make you and your caregiver’s life easier.

Frank Murgic, CEO and founder of MyEasyDose said, “Virtual pharmacy and wellness coaching could potentially change the lives of many patients over the years to come.”

A Pharmacist can spend more quality time helping patients and their caregivers like never before. The many benefits of virtual / digital consultations may provide better medication adherence, lower costs and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The virtual pharmacy service industry is growing rapidly and has greatly benefited people, especially the elderly, preferring to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and holiday periods. It has been invaluable for people in remote areas and increases pharmacy access for seniors.

Patient care and assisting their caregivers is of the utmost importance to MyEasyDose, which aims to assist patients on medication to receive the correct doses consistently in order to help them develop positive health habits.

Caring for a family member who is elderly in addition to managing a career and a family can be quite stressful. The Med Pack is one of the latest additions made available by MyEasyDose. Their Med packaging program ensures an accuracy rate of 99.9% during the medication sorting process, while also ensuring that medications are separated correctly by time and date specified by the patient or caregiver – and in many cases, this comes at no additional cost to what a patient pays now… which means less hassle for patients and caregivers alike!

MyEasyDose offers free automated prescription refills. This enables patients to focus on what’s most important: their health. The Pharmacy team will regularly review the patient’s prescriptions and help them if possible to work towards their long-term medication and wellness goals. As a patient, you can look forward to expert guidance around your medications, and convenient home delivery without any additional service fees and even the option of MyEasyDose helping with getting you off prescription drugs altogether when possible.

For more information or to book an appointment with a member of the pharmacy team, visit their website here:

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About MyEasyDose

MyEasyDose is one of 16 pharmacies operating across Ontario established by Founder and President Frank Murgic, who started his first pharmacy in 1992. is patient-centric with a personal care approach being applied throughout the chain.

The pharmacies have become a trusted healthcare advocate in the communities they serve. Offering a full array of pharmacy services and now, with this true virtual pharmacy experience, it opens them up to a wider audience, giving patients the opportunity to receive the best care from the comfort and convenience of their home.

Health News

WeShine is Canada’s leading online health & wellness store for the ease of shopping for everyday personal care items. They are a trusted ecommerce store specializing in over-the-counter items, beauty products, cleansers and a lot more with something for everyone.They have given us permission to publish for our readers their very good article on what daily vitamins to take during the covid-19 pandemic. We hope you enjoy it as mush as we did.

Daily Vitamins to Take During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2019 has continued to shake the lives of billions of people. Seeing as this virus isn’t stopping anytime soon, we must work to ensure that our bodies stay at their healthiest so they can fight all these COVID-19 variants.

Immune support plays a huge role in COVID protection. And with that, the best way to improve your immune health is by having a healthy diet and by taking vitamins and supplements, like vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and even melatonin.

Although there isn’t much proof that these could help mitigate COVID-19, it doesn’t show benefits in helping the situation; that’s why it’s still worth keeping in mind.

The Different Vitamins You Should Consider Taking:


Zinc is an important nutrient that boosts your immune function, which is needed during this pandemic. Its role is to improve antibody and white blood cell production to help fight infections, and when you have zinc deficiency, you increase inflammation and the production of needed antibodies.

Not to mention, when you take high-dose zinc, you can reduce the duration of certain symptoms, such as the common cold. However, even if there are no clear benefits for lower respiratory tract infections like COVID-19, it does play a big role in immune function, which decreases coronavirus replication. Because of this, the medical sector is currently investigating zinc for COVID-19 treatment.

Vitamin D

Older adults, those who lack sun exposure, or those who use corticosteroids often have lower vitamin D concentrations in their bodies. And with that, you should know that vitamin D deficiency is often associated with a higher incidence of acute respiratory infections.

That’s why vitamin D is often linked with seasonal influenza as well. Since this has yet to be studied further by researchers, it’s still highly recommended to take vitamin D to reduce your risk for respiratory infections.

Vitamin C

There’s no doubt that vitamin C has a big impact on our immune system as it acts as an antioxidant that helps fight infections. Based on a study done with birds, it showed that vitamin C could protect these creatures from an avian coronavirus infection.

On the other hand, in human trials, vitamin C helped decrease the potency of viral respiratory infections and pneumonia.


N-acetylcysteine is transformed into glutathione, an antioxidant that depletes due to oxidative stress or systemic inflammation. When administered in vitro or in vivo, this leads to an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect that targets pulmonary diseases, such as viral pneumonia and acute respiratory distress.

Since COVID-19 patients have evidence of systemic inflammation and often suffer from complications in their respiratory system, systemic or aerosolized N-acetylcysteine can be beneficial for some COVID-19 patients.

Although there are no studies that prove N-acetylcysteine to prevent COVID-19, taking this, however, can improve the outcome of some COVID-19 patients.

The Bottom Line: Taking the Right Nutrients and Vitamins Daily Can Help Prevent Bad Cases of COVID-19

Seeing as COVID-19 is relatively new and there are still different types of variants present, there is still no concrete cure that could help stop the spread of the virus. With that, you must take the proper steps to protect your body and support your immune health, so your body is strong enough to find this virus.

Of course, it’s always best to speak to medical professionals before you change your daily medical routine to avoid any risks and harmful medical reactions.

To learn more about WeShine, visit their website here:

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WeShine understands that security is essential when buying online. They have a Safe Shopping Guarantee and have created one of the safest online shopping environments possible. Their checkout process is 100% secure, and they only ship via trusted partners with tracking numbers. They pride themselves on filling all orders accurately and quickly and offer a 14-day return policy for product in its unopened original packaging.