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My Mia’s Skin Relief Launches in the USA

My Mia’s eczema treatment is designed to calm eczema flare up quickly, gently, and naturally without medication. Perfect as a first line of defence to calm skin irritation (and eczema flare ups).

This company was created by a mother for her child. When this mom, saw her daughter’s eczema spiralling out of control and leading to hospitalization and strong medication, she created a new path for her daughter to stop the vicious cycle.

She learnt about calming the inflammation within her body and created gentle skin care products to treat her skin (including eczema, dermatitis & mild psoriasis flare ups).

My Mia’s Skin Relief, holds a clear vision that every person should be thriving, not barely surviving. “If sharing our story and gentle skincare products helps just one other person, then the pain of the journey has been worth it”- Geeta, Founder My Mia’s Skin Relief.

With a team of professional organic & award-winning formulation chemists, and this mother’s first-hand experience managing her daughter’s eczema both in and out of hospital, My Mia’s Skin Relief offers a unique and effective approach to eczema treatment.

My Mia’s Skin Relief Kit that has been successful in helping hundreds of people with their skin flare ups (including eczema) around the world. This unique 3 Step Skin Relief Kit contains all the products you need to:

  • Cleanse the skin from dirt & impurities, with Skin Relief Bath Salts
  • Calm the redness from inflamed skin, with Level 2 Calm & Clear Cream
  • Replenish dry flaking skin, with Level 1 Soothe & Hydrate Cream
  • Hydrate, soften & nourish skin with Ultimate Skin Barrier Cream (contain premium grade ceramides)

The products have proven independent positive 5-star customer reviews. They are available over the counter without any prescription, ordered online and delivered straight to your door.

They can be used by adults, children, and babies and calm red, itchy, dry skin on face, body, hands, scalp. Also beneficial to calm chafing skin.

What started as one child’s pain, has led to the creation of a new path of natural skin products, recovery & happiness.For more information about My Mia’s eczema treatment, visit:

Media Contact

My Mia’s Skin ReliefPhone: +61 2 8005 7209



Address: Level 25, 300 Barangaroo Ave, Sydney Australia.

Perks of Giving Support to Local Retailers and Online Stores

Happy Woman Shopping

The Northern Periphery team came across this very good article by Canadian Based WeShine on supporting local and online stores. We are fortunate to have been given permission to publish this for the benefits of our readers. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

Local businesses have always had it hard, struggling to get enough patrons and increase sales. Even if you’re a retailer with their own stall on the block or an online store that you’re trying to drive traffic to, it’s like a battle from day in and day out.

The COVID-19 pandemic made those hardships even more evident, with people having little to spend and being hesitant to shell out cash. If bigger and more established businesses had reported losses, what more of local shops like yours? Local shops that are just trying to make a living and get by?

Whether it’s the coffee shop that’s just a waltz away from your home or the furniture store that’s posting and selling their catalogue on a digital marketplace, it’s important to give support. The act of shopping local has been praised ever since the locals have begun, and for good reason.

Here are some perks of the practice:

Supporting The Community

Local businesses earn significantly less money as it is, and the pandemic has probably depleted any funds that owners have set aside to sustain it. As long as their doors are open, and the online shop is accepting orders, be sure to give out your support when you can.

Times are tight, but keep in mind that these local businesses are probably spearheaded by the people in your community. It could be your next-door neighbour or some youth from another block. Either way, you never know your purchase is helping locally.


What About Online Purchases?

In these times, it only makes sense to try your best to support ecommerce stores that are from the local community you are from or at least in your province or country. You will be surprised at how many awesome local stores there are in your area.

WeShine was created in the midst of the pandemic and assisted many customers with everyday items and the personal care items they needed during lockdowns. The support from the local community was amazing!

Investing In A Give and Take

If you’re running a local shop yourself, consider your support as an investment in creating a relationship with others. The industry can be harsh for many small businesses, and it’s important to have each other’s back in the local scene.

Local businesses that build a great working relationship and reputation with other local businesses through patronage can guarantee support for one another. Whether it’s companies of a different nature and so on, recommendations and partnerships can be great promo tools.

Stimulating The Economy

Although we can see the detrimental effects of the pandemic on the national economy, the local economy is also trying to get back up on its feet. Many local banks and credit unions solely operate on loans to the locals and small businesses in that area, after all.

By getting the economy stimulated and back on track, it can have a better effect on incomes and financial growth in the long term. Doing your part and giving support can turn into a butterfly effect that helps uplift the community as a whole.

Give Yourself Rewards

At the end of the day, you will be helping both a local business owner and yourself. Getting a treat and taking a break in these times isn’t something you should be frowned upon or ashamed of. Doing so every once in a while might just be the personal boost you need.


Reading these benefits should help you feel a little more convinced about lending a helping hand to others, whether it’s for their own sake or your own. It can be empowering and gratifying to know that you did what you could to help out the local community you live in.

Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 1.09.04 pm

WeShine is a Canadian online retailer that specializes in everyday personal care items, hygiene products, beauty care products, skin cleansers and a lot more, offering something for everyone.

They are proud to offer a curated product line of items that they feel deserve to be in the most discerning customers’ home. Their product experts have come together for one reason, to offer Canada the best prices on the items that customers look for online but often have a hard time finding them for great prices. They do not sell every product in the world, just the ones that deserve shopper’s attention and, where possible, support Canadian companies and brands.

WeShine understands that security is essential when buying online. They have a Safe Shopping Guarantee and have created one of the safest online shopping environments possible. Their checkout process is 100% secure, and they only ship via trusted partners with tracking numbers. They pride themselves on filling all orders accurately and quickly and offer a 14-day return policy for product in its unopened original packaging. Learn more about WeShine and their comprehensive range of everyday personal care items, hygiene products, beauty care products here:

The New Generation Of Pharmacy…

Virtual Pharmacy Made Easy!

In 2022 you can meet with your pharmacist from the comfort of your home, easily on any device.

MyEasyDose can help Ontario residents refill valid prescriptions, conduct a MedsCheck, provide consultations & more.

All this for what you pay already. They also accept most insurance plans.

Delivered to you anywhere in Ontario, Canada.

MyEasyDose – A licensed online / virtual pharmacy. They operate at the highest standards using HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant technologies for all virtual sessions and are Legitscript Certified.

Nothing Changes

Everything is the same as it is with your current pharmacy, just virtual. Pharmacy made easy!

Talk to a licensed pharmacist using an easy, secure over the internet video technology. Even get your primary care physician or other family members involved. They have you covered!


MyEasyDose offer virtual medication reviews. Their team will go over the prescription drugs and supplements you are currently taking to make sure everything is optimized and suitable for you.

MED Packs

They can sort your medication and supplements in pouch packaging by date and time, so you never forget to take your meds. Each MED Pack is clearly printed on and sealed.

Their prescription refills process is fast and easy and the service is similar to your current pharmacy, only at MyEasyDose you talk to your pharmacist in a secure virtual environment.

Skip the Line

Stay home and relax! We deliver everything you need direct to your door

Easy Delivery Options

We can fulfill / deliver medication requests to any address in Ontario. In most cases, delivery is free. Our team will discuss all delivery options with you in your consultation.

Health Coaching

Having issues with quitting smoking, losing weight or managing diabetes? Their wellness team can discuss a variety of health concerns and set you up on a program to monitor your goals.


We can prepare a specialized formulation of medication to fit special prescription needs for a unique situation or some doctors may prescribe something for a patient that is not readily available.

For more information or to book an appointment with a member of the pharmacy team, visit their website here:

Leading Lifestyle Blog Spot Lights Health Issues In Recent Guest Posts

The team at lifestyle magazine website Blog Chicks confirmed in a recent newsletter to readers that their recent guest post articles were focused on skin and gut health issues.

Blog Chicks is an online magazine website on lifestyle matters, travel and fashion for the discerning blog reader on the web. The site also features all things from health, fitness, home & garden matters right through to tips on selecting an accountant, something for everyone.

Diane Muller, founder and content editor of Blog Chicks said “We have been experiencing great growth in visitors to our online magazine over recent years. We have listened to the feedback survey from our website visitors as to the content and experience they seek. We have seen the importance of also staying at the forefront of the array of information we provide to our website visitors. Gut health and skin issues are extremely topical right now and we have commenced answering our readers requests for informed insights on both”

My Mia’s Skin Relief is the first to be featured and is a natural eczema relief without drugs or medicine. The Blog Chicks team know it’s hard to find natural products for dry skin and eczema. The search will soon be over for Americans as Mia’s Skin Relief is coming to the United States in January 2022.

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 7.18.59 pm

My Mia’s Skin Relief is suitable for children and babies as well as adults of all ages. Learn more about their website here:

About Blog Chicks

Blog Chicks is am online lifestyle magazine and leading Australian online lifestyle magazine site for the discerning reader on the web, on all things from health, fitness, home and garden matters right through to tips for selecting a business coach or cosmetic dentist. Something for everyone.

The blog has been in operation for over 10 years and is committed to meet client needs both in the information they provided readers and technology they use. The leading Australian online lifestyle magazine has a long history of regularly featuring Australian industry sectors and companies.

Learn more about Blog Chicks and their array of lifestyle blogging features via their website here:


Company: Blog Chicks

Contact Name: Diane Muller


Address: Level 25, T3, 300 Barangaroo Ave, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia


Fitafy’s Dating App For Fitness Singles A Huge Success In The UK

In an exclusive interview with UK’s Northern Periphery Media, FITAFY confirmed that the Aussie-born dating app is experiencing huge popularity globally and proving to be a game changer for UK fitness singles since its recent launch there.

FITAFY is a new dating app that is solving a heartbreaking problem for the world’s fitness singles: finding a soulmate who shares their passion for healthy living. FITAFY harnesses cutting edge technology to help active people easily and safely ‘find their fit’ – and it’s already a runaway success.

With fifteen million swipes, 600,000 messages, 500,000 matches and two engagements so far, plus more than $2.5 million dollars of seed funding, the Australian-born app is revolutionising romance for fitness-focused singles.

FITAFY’s unique features are not based on weight, shape or ability but rather interest, hobbies and personal dietary preferences – hello fellow vegan, keto or intermittent faster. The app allows users to quickly find matches who enjoy the same activities, share similar fitness levels and goals.

Created in Perth by tech entrepreneur, WAFL footballer and fitness veteran Stephen Mansfield and tech professional Cem Miral, FITAFY was inspired by chats with gym buddies who were kicking fitness goals while their love lives stood still.

“They were frustrated that existing dating apps are saturated with people who don’t share the same lifestyle values,” says Mansfield. “It’s very difficult to filter them out.”

In a survey of the Australian fitness community, 100 percent said it was essential for their partner to lead a healthy lifestyle, 100 percent lamented that it was hard to find someone in the current dating sphere – and 100 percent said they would pay for an app that helped them find their fitness-focused love match. These findings have also been mirrored in the UK with Northern Periphery aware of similar comments being made to them.

Time was the major hurdle, according to Miral. “Active people are busy. Outside work, their hours are filled with exercise, preparing healthy meals and the many other commitments involved with active lifestyles. That leaves very little time for finding meaningful connections.”

In 2021, picking up at the gym is a big no-no. “There’s a motto out there in the gym community: ‘don’t’ screw the crew. The question from fitness singles was always the same, say the FITAFY co-founders: why should I have to choose between love and a healthy lifestyle.” With statistics showing that 54 percent of couples in 2020 met online, Mansfield and Miral saw huge demand for FITAFY.

Every unique FITAFY feature streamlines the search and boosts the odds of finding a match. Detailed filters and an intuitive interface allow users to share their favourite activities, dietary preferences and fitness levels on their profile.

Safety is embedded into the app, with gold-standard selfie facial recognition software confirming your identity with a blue tick, protecting against catfishing.

In a standout feature and a first for dating apps, FITAFY’s powerful technology links to your fitness apps and devices, so you can share your activities and goals.

API integration connects with Apple Watch, Fitbit, Strava, Google Health, Apple Health and more, so users can display a snapshot of their active lifestyle on their profile, right down to average calories burned per day or the time and distance of their most recent activity. “It provides transparency,” say the co-founders. “You can see at a glance how active other users are.”

Fully inclusive and with a focus on respect, welcome, wellbeing and community, FITAFY is also a platform where fitness lovers can meet like-minded friends, and find inspiration and motivation.

“We hope the app also encourages users of all fitness levels and preferences to share and meet their fitness goals, whatever they may be,” says Mansfield. “From walking to yoga to team or elite sports, you’ll find a community on FITAFY.”

After its flying start in Australia, FITAFY has already taken off in the UK and will launch in the US late this year, fuelled by Series A funding. The plan for this Aussie app is to keep expanding globally, ensuring every fitness lover in the world can find their fit, and enjoy a relationship that’s healthy in every sense.

To learn more about FITAFY visit their website here:


FITAFY is the preferred singles dating app for people who value an active and healthy lifestyle. At FITAFY, we know working out is hard, so we made creating healthy connections easy. FITAFY uses the best of dating technology by providing an app that allows users to find meaningful matches based on common active lifestyle choices.


Company: Fitafy

Contact Name: Stephen Mansfield


Phone: +61-452-633-971

Address: 11 Delawney Street Balcatta, Perth, WA 6021, Australia


Pharmacy News

MyEasyDose Virtual Pharmacy Offers Stress-Relieving Services For Patients & Caregivers

MyEasyDose has a dedicated team of pharmacy professionals who provide patients with excellent customer service and assist you to achieve your wellness goals. Their easy-to-use website gives you access to a true virtual pharmacy that is designed to make you and your caregiver’s life easier.

Frank Murgic, CEO and founder of MyEasyDose said, “Virtual pharmacy and wellness coaching could potentially change the lives of many patients over the years to come.”

A Pharmacist can spend more quality time helping patients and their caregivers like never before. The many benefits of virtual / digital consultations may provide better medication adherence, lower costs and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The virtual pharmacy service industry is growing rapidly and has greatly benefited people, especially the elderly, preferring to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and holiday periods. It has been invaluable for people in remote areas and increases pharmacy access for seniors.

Patient care and assisting their caregivers is of the utmost importance to MyEasyDose, which aims to assist patients on medication to receive the correct doses consistently in order to help them develop positive health habits.

Caring for a family member who is elderly in addition to managing a career and a family can be quite stressful. The Med Pack is one of the latest additions made available by MyEasyDose. Their Med packaging program ensures an accuracy rate of 99.9% during the medication sorting process, while also ensuring that medications are separated correctly by time and date specified by the patient or caregiver – and in many cases, this comes at no additional cost to what a patient pays now… which means less hassle for patients and caregivers alike!

MyEasyDose offers free automated prescription refills. This enables patients to focus on what’s most important: their health. The Pharmacy team will regularly review the patient’s prescriptions and help them if possible to work towards their long-term medication and wellness goals. As a patient, you can look forward to expert guidance around your medications, and convenient home delivery without any additional service fees and even the option of MyEasyDose helping with getting you off prescription drugs altogether when possible.

For more information or to book an appointment with a member of the pharmacy team, visit their website here:

Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 5.33.01 pm

About MyEasyDose

MyEasyDose is one of 16 pharmacies operating across Ontario established by Founder and President Frank Murgic, who started his first pharmacy in 1992. is patient-centric with a personal care approach being applied throughout the chain.

The pharmacies have become a trusted healthcare advocate in the communities they serve. Offering a full array of pharmacy services and now, with this true virtual pharmacy experience, it opens them up to a wider audience, giving patients the opportunity to receive the best care from the comfort and convenience of their home.

Health News

WeShine is Canada’s leading online health & wellness store for the ease of shopping for everyday personal care items. They are a trusted ecommerce store specializing in over-the-counter items, beauty products, cleansers and a lot more with something for everyone.They have given us permission to publish for our readers their very good article on what daily vitamins to take during the covid-19 pandemic. We hope you enjoy it as mush as we did.

Daily Vitamins to Take During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2019 has continued to shake the lives of billions of people. Seeing as this virus isn’t stopping anytime soon, we must work to ensure that our bodies stay at their healthiest so they can fight all these COVID-19 variants.

Immune support plays a huge role in COVID protection. And with that, the best way to improve your immune health is by having a healthy diet and by taking vitamins and supplements, like vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and even melatonin.

Although there isn’t much proof that these could help mitigate COVID-19, it doesn’t show benefits in helping the situation; that’s why it’s still worth keeping in mind.

The Different Vitamins You Should Consider Taking:


Zinc is an important nutrient that boosts your immune function, which is needed during this pandemic. Its role is to improve antibody and white blood cell production to help fight infections, and when you have zinc deficiency, you increase inflammation and the production of needed antibodies.

Not to mention, when you take high-dose zinc, you can reduce the duration of certain symptoms, such as the common cold. However, even if there are no clear benefits for lower respiratory tract infections like COVID-19, it does play a big role in immune function, which decreases coronavirus replication. Because of this, the medical sector is currently investigating zinc for COVID-19 treatment.

Vitamin D

Older adults, those who lack sun exposure, or those who use corticosteroids often have lower vitamin D concentrations in their bodies. And with that, you should know that vitamin D deficiency is often associated with a higher incidence of acute respiratory infections.

That’s why vitamin D is often linked with seasonal influenza as well. Since this has yet to be studied further by researchers, it’s still highly recommended to take vitamin D to reduce your risk for respiratory infections.

Vitamin C

There’s no doubt that vitamin C has a big impact on our immune system as it acts as an antioxidant that helps fight infections. Based on a study done with birds, it showed that vitamin C could protect these creatures from an avian coronavirus infection.

On the other hand, in human trials, vitamin C helped decrease the potency of viral respiratory infections and pneumonia.


N-acetylcysteine is transformed into glutathione, an antioxidant that depletes due to oxidative stress or systemic inflammation. When administered in vitro or in vivo, this leads to an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect that targets pulmonary diseases, such as viral pneumonia and acute respiratory distress.

Since COVID-19 patients have evidence of systemic inflammation and often suffer from complications in their respiratory system, systemic or aerosolized N-acetylcysteine can be beneficial for some COVID-19 patients.

Although there are no studies that prove N-acetylcysteine to prevent COVID-19, taking this, however, can improve the outcome of some COVID-19 patients.

The Bottom Line: Taking the Right Nutrients and Vitamins Daily Can Help Prevent Bad Cases of COVID-19

Seeing as COVID-19 is relatively new and there are still different types of variants present, there is still no concrete cure that could help stop the spread of the virus. With that, you must take the proper steps to protect your body and support your immune health, so your body is strong enough to find this virus.

Of course, it’s always best to speak to medical professionals before you change your daily medical routine to avoid any risks and harmful medical reactions.

To learn more about WeShine, visit their website here:

WeShine is proud to offer a curated product line of items that they feel deserve to be in the most discerning customers’ home. Their product experts have come together for one reason, to offer Canada the best prices on the items that customers look for online but often have a hard time finding them for great prices. They do not sell every product in the world, just the ones that deserve shopper’s attention and, where possible, support Canadian companies and brands.

WeShine understands that security is essential when buying online. They have a Safe Shopping Guarantee and have created one of the safest online shopping environments possible. Their checkout process is 100% secure, and they only ship via trusted partners with tracking numbers. They pride themselves on filling all orders accurately and quickly and offer a 14-day return policy for product in its unopened original packaging.

Company Profile provides one-stop travel booking services in 19 languages through their website and mobile app.

They are a part of the Ctrip Group, a NASDAQ listed company since 2003 (NASDAQ: CTRP) with over 30,000 employees and over 300 million members, making it one of the leading online travel agencies in the world.

With more than 1.2 million hotels in 200 countries and regions, the company has built an extensive hotel network to give their customers a fantastic choice of accommodation.

Their far-reaching flight network has over 2 million individual flight routes connecting more than 5,000 cities around the globe. Combining this with their 24/7 customer service team speaking multiple languages via phone, email, or directly through their mobile app. You can trust them to take care of your next trip.

The website is operated by (Hong Kong) Limited, a Hong Kong entity duly incorporated and registered in Hong Kong. is part of the Ctrip Group of companies and is licensed under the Travel Agents Ordinance under license number 352367.

No matter where in the world you want the go,  have they got you covered. From flights and hotels, to rental cars and attraction tickets, their extensive network connects you with all corners of the globe.

If in Australia, to learn more about them here: – Facebook Twitter LinkedIn – App – News

From The Blog

Security Tips To Make You A Savvy Traveller Traveling Overseas

When you travel overseas, sometimes it becomes hard to blend in like a local.  Depending on where you are going you may look different, but the giant bags, comfortable shoes, and cameras are pretty much a “tourist” marker.  Since you stand out so much, it only makes sense that you will want to be safe during your trip.

  • Communicate!Make sure that the relevant people are aware of where you will be going and the times you will be there.  Even if you are just meandering your way and don’t have a set destination, you can still let your friends and family know where you should be.
  • Safety starts at home.Don’t make it too obvious that you are going to be away, or you may come home to a house that has been emptied of all your valuables.  If you can get someone trusted to house-sit while you are way, it may be worth it.  If not, try timers to turn on the lights and even the TV.  Make sure that doors and windows are secure.  Ask someone to collect your mail and paper so it’s not piling up.  Even making arrangements to get your lawn mowed can help confuse would be thieves.
  • Make copies of all your important documents.This includes your passport, visas, driver’s license, credit cards, itineraries, and important phone numbers.  Keep them stored in your hotel room safe while you are out and about, or safely stowed deep inside your carry-on luggage whilst traveling.
  • Don’t carry all your cards and cash in the same place.In case you get robbed, or your bag gets stolen, it’s helpful to have other options.  Keeping around $200 “safety cash” means that at worst, you can find a place to stay, get a meal and get in touch with people who can help you.  Keeping a separate bank or credit card means that other cards get stolen or compromised, you still have one that you can use.
  • Speaking of credit cards, inform your bank of your travel plans.Most card companies now employ scam algorithms. This means that they look at your buying history for anything that seems out of the ordinary.  They will lock a card from being used when this happens, and you will most likely have to show proof of identity to get it back.  This can be difficult when you are in a different country and time zone.  So, let them know in advance to lessen your chance of being frozen out of your own funds!
  • Get informed about where you are going.Many government and travel websites will let you know about any dangers or political cultures of your destinations and how safe it is to travel there.  You should be aware that in some places, you may be expected to dress or act differently, and by leaving Australia, you may be leaving some of your rights and entitlements behind.  As an example, you may be asked to cover your arms or legs whilst in public or in a temple. Refusing to do so could lead your arrest, so it’s best to do your research.
  • See your doctor before you go in case you need any immunisations.If you need daily medicine, you may need to have certified doctor’s certificates for you to be allowed them.  In some Asian countries for example, opioids like oxycodone are illegal to be transported in the country even if you have a prescription for them.
  • Keep your eyes on your belongings.  Whether you are waiting in airports or in lines, be aware of yourself and your belongings.  Don’t walk away from your bags even for a moment, and try to keep everything fastened and zipped. It may seem easier to keep that large bag pocket open to pull out your camera, but it’s also easier for someone to just reach in and pull out your items.  Resist the urge to keep anything in your back pocket either.
  • Be sceptical of what strangers are trying to tell you.If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers are especially good at appealing to a sense of greed, so if the dollar signs are flashing in your eyes, it’s probably flashing in theirs too. It’s obvious, but always ask for ID, and never get into an un-marked cab or transportation.  If a taxi driver doesn’t want to take you to your hotel as “another is better”, be firm, or better yet, get out of the cab.
  • Listen to trusted people.If your friends or a hotel desk clerk is trying to tell you that it’s not safe to go somewhere, listen to them.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Try to travel in a group if you can, and try not to travel alone in the dark or in enclosed areas, like alleyways.

This whole list may sound dire, and it hasn’t been written to take the fun out of travelling.  Even the most season travellers have been the victims of scams or thefts.  Just try to be more aware of your surroundings and keep being sceptical of offerings.  Above all, just enjoy your holiday – albeit safely.

Information contained on this Australian Business Announcements page is provided by independent third-party content providers. Northern Northern Periphery Media make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. If you have any questions or comments about this page please forward them via one of the methods detailed on the Contact Us page.

Forex Brokers Featured In New Online Directory

Online Brokers Directory announced today the launch of their new website featuring forex brokers, stock brokers, CFD providers and other financial services providers.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 9.38.25 PM

April 12, 2018 /PressCable/ —

The founders of Online Brokers Directory have over 40 years’ combined experience in the Australasian financial services industry and could see the benefit to both financial services providers and prospective clients with the comprehensive online reference portal they have created.

The directory showcases the array of retail broking services offered by operators licensed and considered the best broker for forex trading, CFD Brokers, equities and option brokers, as well as other financial service providers like self-managed super fund managers. It gives visitors to the website the ability to search for, and easily make contact with, online brokers by specialty or location with ease, as well as access top-rated broker research material for their online trading or long term investing strategies.

Mr Stuart Young, Co-Founder of Online Brokers Directory said, “We did a survey of leading financial services providers and prospective users of the website to derive the best solution possible for all users of it. Feedback received during the beta testing stage has been extremely positive from all involved.” He went on to say, “We were particularly keen to make this a resource site full of rich media and constantly updated material that visitors to the site would not only find educational but a regular place to return to access additional trading information, special promotions and webinars.”

In an interview with Northern Periphery Media, the co-founders detailed how each featured broker, by updating their upcoming events and webinars in their profile, got to have these prominently ‘featured’ on the home page as well as in the events calendar and is proving to be a real hit with visitors to the site. The feedback has also been extremely favourable on the ease of comparing brokers from those featured taking the time to showcase their various rates and special feature offerings.

Northern Periphery Media tested the platform by searching for the best online brokers to learn more about their business and to compare product offerings, trading features, profiles and reviews, with other brokers. They were surprised by the results but also the great user experience and ease of navigation both on desktop and mobile devices.

“The website needed to anticipate and incorporate all aspects expected to be encountered with such a comprehensive financial services directory site. This included, international visitors, strong social media interface for the sharing of media rich material featured, ease of comparing financial service providers as well as many other considerations” said Mr Young. He also commented as follows, when asked if this was the first of similar sites to be rolled our around the globe. “We have every intention of this being the first of a global roll out. We would be delighted to incorporate any feature suggested by users to enhance the visitor experience. It was the intention for this site to be the international benchmark for such directory sites and leading brokers who have indicated they want to be a featured broker is testament that this is close to being achieved.”

Media Contact Info:
Name: Mr Stuart Young
Organization: Online Brokers Directory

Comment Themes in Gynecomastia Gynexol Reviews


When you do the right thing, it always come back to you. Do the wrong, and it will come back to haunt you. Gynecomastia being a problem in men needs the best cure. As at now, there is a side array of treatments possible for big boobs in men. Gynexol has been on the front line leading the others. This article is not enough to proof that. Only the previous users who really know what am talking about can confirm it right. Surprisingly, they have already done so. Just check on the reviews outlined in The Manly Zone’s website and get to know the best things that people are commenting about gynexol. If you can’t find time to go through them (they are seriously many) get the main idea of what they say hereof.

  1. Better than surgery

As mentioned earlier, there are so many ways of killing this gynecomastia rat. Surgery happens to be one of them. The excess breast tissue is removed by the surgeon. It works best for fast results. As much as that is the case, he negatives are more. You have to spend a fortune not only in operation fee but also in other post-surgery expenses like medications. You may also experience some discomfort in the process. People say that when all that is brought together, it is wise to go for gynexol creams first. They harm not and are cheap. If they fail, maybe a surgery will be fine. That I highly doubt because gynexol does work, and in the best way possible.

  1. How it is easy to use

People like simple products especially when they prove themselves worth it. Gynexol is a simple product made of simple ingredients. How this product works will stun you. After you buy your product, rub it on your breast skin. The active nutrients will be absorbed into the skin. There, they will proceed on with the mission of burning excess breast fat. It’s as easy as that. Other recommended treatments will involve you changing your lifestyle and going to the gym. Well, you remain yourself even after using the cream.

  1. You get your chest sculpting

Gynexol is truly a special product. People call it the chest sculpting cream. You start with a massive feminine chest and finish with a handsome masculine one covered by a tight skin. It brings man basics right to you without much effort. Your chest can now attract people rather than chasing them away. You know what am talking about.

  1. Side effects? Never!

If there were side effects, trust me people would mention it on their reviews. They never let go of anything unpunished online. With our gynexol case here, people are satisfied with the results and how it works. They say that nothing unusual is observed.



To learn more about and Gynexol visit the Manly Zone website here:


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