My Mia’s Skin Relief Launches in the USA

My Mia’s eczema treatment is designed to calm eczema flare up quickly, gently, and naturally without medication. Perfect as a first line of defence to calm skin irritation (and eczema flare ups).

This company was created by a mother for her child. When this mom, saw her daughter’s eczema spiralling out of control and leading to hospitalization and strong medication, she created a new path for her daughter to stop the vicious cycle.

She learnt about calming the inflammation within her body and created gentle skin care products to treat her skin (including eczema, dermatitis & mild psoriasis flare ups).

My Mia’s Skin Relief, holds a clear vision that every person should be thriving, not barely surviving. “If sharing our story and gentle skincare products helps just one other person, then the pain of the journey has been worth it”- Geeta, Founder My Mia’s Skin Relief.

With a team of professional organic & award-winning formulation chemists, and this mother’s first-hand experience managing her daughter’s eczema both in and out of hospital, My Mia’s Skin Relief offers a unique and effective approach to eczema treatment.

My Mia’s Skin Relief Kit that has been successful in helping hundreds of people with their skin flare ups (including eczema) around the world. This unique 3 Step Skin Relief Kit contains all the products you need to:

  • Cleanse the skin from dirt & impurities, with Skin Relief Bath Salts
  • Calm the redness from inflamed skin, with Level 2 Calm & Clear Cream
  • Replenish dry flaking skin, with Level 1 Soothe & Hydrate Cream
  • Hydrate, soften & nourish skin with Ultimate Skin Barrier Cream (contain premium grade ceramides)

The products have proven independent positive 5-star customer reviews. They are available over the counter without any prescription, ordered online and delivered straight to your door.

They can be used by adults, children, and babies and calm red, itchy, dry skin on face, body, hands, scalp. Also beneficial to calm chafing skin.

What started as one child’s pain, has led to the creation of a new path of natural skin products, recovery & happiness.For more information about My Mia’s eczema treatment, visit:

Media Contact

My Mia’s Skin ReliefPhone: +61 2 8005 7209



Address: Level 25, 300 Barangaroo Ave, Sydney Australia.

Perks of Giving Support to Local Retailers and Online Stores

Happy Woman Shopping

The Northern Periphery team came across this very good article by Canadian Based WeShine on supporting local and online stores. We are fortunate to have been given permission to publish this for the benefits of our readers. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

Local businesses have always had it hard, struggling to get enough patrons and increase sales. Even if you’re a retailer with their own stall on the block or an online store that you’re trying to drive traffic to, it’s like a battle from day in and day out.

The COVID-19 pandemic made those hardships even more evident, with people having little to spend and being hesitant to shell out cash. If bigger and more established businesses had reported losses, what more of local shops like yours? Local shops that are just trying to make a living and get by?

Whether it’s the coffee shop that’s just a waltz away from your home or the furniture store that’s posting and selling their catalogue on a digital marketplace, it’s important to give support. The act of shopping local has been praised ever since the locals have begun, and for good reason.

Here are some perks of the practice:

Supporting The Community

Local businesses earn significantly less money as it is, and the pandemic has probably depleted any funds that owners have set aside to sustain it. As long as their doors are open, and the online shop is accepting orders, be sure to give out your support when you can.

Times are tight, but keep in mind that these local businesses are probably spearheaded by the people in your community. It could be your next-door neighbour or some youth from another block. Either way, you never know your purchase is helping locally.


What About Online Purchases?

In these times, it only makes sense to try your best to support ecommerce stores that are from the local community you are from or at least in your province or country. You will be surprised at how many awesome local stores there are in your area.

WeShine was created in the midst of the pandemic and assisted many customers with everyday items and the personal care items they needed during lockdowns. The support from the local community was amazing!

Investing In A Give and Take

If you’re running a local shop yourself, consider your support as an investment in creating a relationship with others. The industry can be harsh for many small businesses, and it’s important to have each other’s back in the local scene.

Local businesses that build a great working relationship and reputation with other local businesses through patronage can guarantee support for one another. Whether it’s companies of a different nature and so on, recommendations and partnerships can be great promo tools.

Stimulating The Economy

Although we can see the detrimental effects of the pandemic on the national economy, the local economy is also trying to get back up on its feet. Many local banks and credit unions solely operate on loans to the locals and small businesses in that area, after all.

By getting the economy stimulated and back on track, it can have a better effect on incomes and financial growth in the long term. Doing your part and giving support can turn into a butterfly effect that helps uplift the community as a whole.

Give Yourself Rewards

At the end of the day, you will be helping both a local business owner and yourself. Getting a treat and taking a break in these times isn’t something you should be frowned upon or ashamed of. Doing so every once in a while might just be the personal boost you need.


Reading these benefits should help you feel a little more convinced about lending a helping hand to others, whether it’s for their own sake or your own. It can be empowering and gratifying to know that you did what you could to help out the local community you live in.

Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 1.09.04 pm

WeShine is a Canadian online retailer that specializes in everyday personal care items, hygiene products, beauty care products, skin cleansers and a lot more, offering something for everyone.

They are proud to offer a curated product line of items that they feel deserve to be in the most discerning customers’ home. Their product experts have come together for one reason, to offer Canada the best prices on the items that customers look for online but often have a hard time finding them for great prices. They do not sell every product in the world, just the ones that deserve shopper’s attention and, where possible, support Canadian companies and brands.

WeShine understands that security is essential when buying online. They have a Safe Shopping Guarantee and have created one of the safest online shopping environments possible. Their checkout process is 100% secure, and they only ship via trusted partners with tracking numbers. They pride themselves on filling all orders accurately and quickly and offer a 14-day return policy for product in its unopened original packaging. Learn more about WeShine and their comprehensive range of everyday personal care items, hygiene products, beauty care products here:

The New Generation Of Pharmacy…

Virtual Pharmacy Made Easy!

In 2022 you can meet with your pharmacist from the comfort of your home, easily on any device.

MyEasyDose can help Ontario residents refill valid prescriptions, conduct a MedsCheck, provide consultations & more.

All this for what you pay already. They also accept most insurance plans.

Delivered to you anywhere in Ontario, Canada.

MyEasyDose – A licensed online / virtual pharmacy. They operate at the highest standards using HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant technologies for all virtual sessions and are Legitscript Certified.

Nothing Changes

Everything is the same as it is with your current pharmacy, just virtual. Pharmacy made easy!

Talk to a licensed pharmacist using an easy, secure over the internet video technology. Even get your primary care physician or other family members involved. They have you covered!


MyEasyDose offer virtual medication reviews. Their team will go over the prescription drugs and supplements you are currently taking to make sure everything is optimized and suitable for you.

MED Packs

They can sort your medication and supplements in pouch packaging by date and time, so you never forget to take your meds. Each MED Pack is clearly printed on and sealed.

Their prescription refills process is fast and easy and the service is similar to your current pharmacy, only at MyEasyDose you talk to your pharmacist in a secure virtual environment.

Skip the Line

Stay home and relax! We deliver everything you need direct to your door

Easy Delivery Options

We can fulfill / deliver medication requests to any address in Ontario. In most cases, delivery is free. Our team will discuss all delivery options with you in your consultation.

Health Coaching

Having issues with quitting smoking, losing weight or managing diabetes? Their wellness team can discuss a variety of health concerns and set you up on a program to monitor your goals.


We can prepare a specialized formulation of medication to fit special prescription needs for a unique situation or some doctors may prescribe something for a patient that is not readily available.

For more information or to book an appointment with a member of the pharmacy team, visit their website here: